Monday, February 2, 2009

Mojo Monday 72 - CONTEST

Welcome to a new month at Mojo Monday! For those just tuning in, we post a new sketch challenge each Monday, and on the first Monday of each month we do a contest. That means it's CONTEST TIME!!! :) Are y'all ready for a little Mojo Madness?

How to enter: Use the sketch to create a project and then post a link to your creation in the Mr. Linky form at the bottom of this post. If you're linking to a blog, make sure it links directly to the post where we can view/comment on your creation, and not just to your general blog link.

Deadline: Monday, February 9 at Noon Mountain Time

Prize: This is a judged contest, so my two favorite entries will each win their choice of any Verve Stamps set (up to $24)!

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 11. Sound like fun? Well, let's get started! If you upload your cards to online galleries, please use keyword/tag Mojo72 (no space between Mojo and 72). As always, you can use any stamps or products your heart desires. Just have fun and show us how mojolicious you are!

Before I get to the creations from the Mojo Makers, I thought I'd post the link to the January 2009 Sketchbook. I've had lots of questions about where you can go to download just the sketches. Over the past year I've had many not-so-nice emails and anonymous comments about my not updating the master file of sketches frequently enough. And since these files take quite a bit of time to format and I do this all in my very rare patches of free time, in between running a business by myself, I have decided to no longer offer the sketches in a master PDF file. Instead, on the first Monday of each month I will link a PDF of the previous month's sketches. The links will remain in the sidebar, so you can print each month individually. I will not be going back and adding any of the previous sketches from 2007-2008. You can see a flickR slideshow of all previous sketches by clicking the link in the sidebar.

And now for the fabulous Mojo Maker creations. Click the link below each picture to visit that designer's blog.

By Janette Olen

By Julee Tilman

By: Maria Gurnsey

By Mary Fish

By: Sarah Bigelow

By Teresa Kline

By Wendy Bond

Thanks for tuning in! Can't wait to see your creations!

Mojo Monday Week #72 Entries
1. Ria van Son
2. Alison
3. Patti
4. Mandy
5. debhorst
6. Selene
7. Eleonora
8. Kati (mehukattinen)
9. Jenn D
10. Norma Jean
11. scrapdebo
12. Lisa M
13. Kelly Lunceford
14. Sharon F (createdbyu)
15. Kelly Jo
16. Stephanie
17. Rosemarie Diehl
18. Melissa Fenner
19. Wendy J.
20. Lili
21. Kristin Moore
22. Lorelie Kim
23. Angela
24. Brenda
25. Nadine
26. Britta
27. sassydiva2
28. Chriss Blagrave
29. Lori (loree2000)
30. Cindy M
31. Cath Thompson
32. hayley gillie
33. sharon f (starzsharon)
34. Kim
35. Betty aka ZacksNana
36. Amy Fleming NZL
37. Jenny
38. Dannie Graves
39. Wendy Hall
40. Shari Passey
41. Fabi Kojima
42. Heather
43. Paula Kay
44. Gayle Mather
45. Kelly K
46. Eve (age 5)
47. Yapha
48. Sharlene M NZL
49. Caryl
50. Jean Bunner
51. Dawn Easton
52. Tamarra Corel
53. Inky Fingers, Paper Cuts, and a Glitter Mustache
54. Nancy E
55. Cannie Hunter
56. karen Kemme
57. SmilynStef
58. Danielle Kennedy
59. Genelle Collins
60. Jenn Embry
61. Melissa
62. Michelle in Boise
63. Lisa Foster
64. la bergere des fees
65. Dana Hill
66. Melissa Sauls
67. Joanna Hooper
68. Jessica Dizon
69. Louise Ryan
70. Benedicte
71. Valerie Whitlock
72. Susan (peebsmama)
73. Lisa Foust
74. Neva
75. Jilly
76. Emily Wundrock
77. Helen
78. Michelle
79. Chicken Coop Barb
80. Laurel
81. jane wetzel
83. Terri
84. Ilse Vargas
85. Dana Grothaus (danascott96)
86. Wanda (cullenwr)
87. Jacquie/momofour26
88. Doris
89. Debbie Seyer
90. Carol
91. Heather Rolin
92. Susan (SueH)
93. Monique
94. martha velasco
95. Suzanne Dean
96. Tigger
97. Loreal Blondi
98. chris
99. Caroline
100. Rebecca
101. shellybobrowski
102. Pat Garvin
103. Yaneri Rodriguez
104. Pascale D\'ORSO
105. Deedoo
106. Dori S.
107. Lea L.
108. Sari Hänninen - Sweden
109. Kristen
110. Charlee
111. Krista Driessen
112. Carla (cmsuto)
113. dakotastamper
114. Tonya
115. Debbie
116. Michelle Shuman (aka mybelle101)
117. Michelle
118. Tricia T
119. Andrea H
120. Tori Wild
121. Catherine aka SillySkittles
122. Denise Bernardoni
123. Mindy Eggen
124. Julie K
125. Anne-Marie NZ
126. Tracey Old NZL
127. Liz Reed
128. Made by Mandy
129. Clare Davies
130. Sarah-Jane
131. Candy
132. Linda
133. Olena
134. Pat (mspfd)
135. Monika/buzsy
136. Erin Smetak
137. Joan Ottevanger
138. Crystal (mom4cuties)
139. Annie
140. Abi Bundy Uk
141. Jenn G.
142. Veronica Zalis
143. Angela Lemmons
144. LeAnne
145. Ruby 2 Shoes
146. Susan H
147. jacqueline
148. Michelle Nadraszky
149. regan
150. Megan Lock
151. Dee
152. Tami Grandi
153. Molly B
154. StephC
155. Barb T
156. Sharon Holden
157. Jenna M.
158. Fink
159. Ceal
160. Susanne Nilsson (Sweden)
161. Rebecca Ednie
162. Steph
163. Lesley
164. Paula
165. Barbara Anders
166. Jen Sannes
167. Cindy Major
168. Stephanie Kraft
169. Jenn McMillan
170. Michele
171. Carrie Gaskin
172. Riley
173. Stef H
174. sue
175. Anne (Stargroves)
176. Carlz Cardz
177. Sheila
178. Pat
179. Eva
180. Carol
181. Linda.J
182. Erika T
183. Andrea
184. mikki
185. Fiona Fab
186. Marisa
187. Linda Higgins
188. Christine (Creative Journey)
189. Ms. Priscy
190. Lisa B NZL
191. Cheryl Joshua AUS
192. Valerie (Pixie Dream Designs)
193. Valerie Durham
194. Shannon Bracken
195. Carissa
196. Julie Mutch
197. Judy L
198. Whimsical Creations
199. Sharlene
200. Kylie
201. Teresa Brown
202. Kerry Donovan-Casey :)
203. Sita
204. Makeesha Byl
205. Rachel
206. Kim Evans
207. Mandy Schiller
208. Judith L.(Ger)
209. Ewonne - Sweden
210. Linda aka backroads girl
211. Donna\'s Doodles
212. marti {pezadoodle}
213. Banu H
214. Alexandra Hobson
216. Tricia G
217. Amy (aka devlinwhite)
218. Kelly Landers
219. Marisa
220. Pegg
221. Carolyn
222. Amy (hobbygonecrazy)
223. KimB AUS
224. CarrollAnn (MrsBoz)
225. Janine
226. Chris Sather
227. Kristie
228. Jo Ludlow
229. Kathryn Mangelsdorf (Australia)
230. Gemma C
231. Sallyjh
232. nikki schmaltz
233. nikki schmaltz (again:D)or delete if 2 isn\'t ok
234. Wanda B
235. SouthernScraps
236. Deb
237. Jay
238. Jerusha Borden
239. Judy aka Designs by Nanny
240. Jenny Erichsen
241. Kim Teasdale
242. Kimberly O\'Rosky
243. patty holschen
244. Sammie Coxbill
245. Dara
246. Debbie Daniels
247. Dahlene Spencer
248. Meg (mtgchic)
249. Jolee
250. Melissa Cash
251. Carolyn Lontin
252. kathryn H
253. Lora
254. Andrea Vernagus
255. Susan
256. MakiJo
257. Inky Fingers, Paper Cuts, and a Glitter Mustache (I did another one!)
258. Paula
259. Allison
260. ...:::Paulina:::...
261. Alana Galagher
262. Oliva
263. Stephanie Hargis
264. Lisa Nagata
265. Jeanette Waters
266. Kristy Young Australia
267. Wilma
268. Maggie
269. Lori
270. Mercy
271. Siobhan
272. Yankee in England
273. Margo S.
274. Angel R
275. Eulanda Silvey
276. Anne Granger
277. Mindy Baxter
278. Hazel
279. Alanna
280. Leigh Ann Baird
281. Nancy Bush
282. Terri J
283. Christy Dillman
284. Jessica Kerr
285. Desiree
286. Cindy Jenkins
287. Kicki
288. Sharon M.
289. Denise Ibbett (NZ)
290. Kim Wiseman
291. jenn
292. Wendy Aungst
294. Lisa T
295. Jacquie Hart
296. Gretchen B
297. Stef H
298. Pam Varnell
299. Terri E
300. Debs
301. Amy C
302. Nancy
303. Katie Cotton

Contest entries are now closed.
Thanks for playing!


  1. Oh they are gorgeous can't wait to play! Thanks so much for hosting this Julee.

  2. Gorgeouss work DT ;)

    hugs Ria

  3. What a fun sketch! Your cards are all adorable! I can't wait to try it out!

  4. Another fantastic sketch Julee thank you and wonderful examples from DT.

  5. Julee, this was a fun sketch!! I worked on it--looked at it--redid it--photographed it finally and uploaded it. I struggled in the beginning but ended up being pretty pleased with it.

  6. I had too much fun with this sketch! Thanks Julee!

  7. Oh my god, so beautiful sketch!!
    Great and awesome work everybody! I had so fun making my card! =)

  8. This sketch was so much fun. The DT cards are amazing!

  9. I really liked this sketch, had fun making this card. and DT cards are beautiful like always!

  10. Wow! Gorgeous cards!
    Love your site. I'll try to play along.

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  12. Too much fun!! Loved this challenge, couldn't resist adding a rooster to the mix!
    Sharon F (CreatedByU)

  13. Another great sketch! The design team samples are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win a stamp set. I would love to win!

  14. I look forward to these sketches every Monday! Thanks for another great challenge :)

  15. Love your sketches and I was sad not to get to play last week so I had to get it in today! Thanks Julee!

  16. That was fun! Thanks for a great sketch. So glad I finally found "Mojo Monday" that I read all about!

  17. This is a great sketch, and the DT's did a great job on their cards.

  18. Thanks for a great challenge! This was my first time joining in on your challenges and I really enjoyed it! You can be sure I'll be back.

  19. Wow I love the Sketch. The cards are all gorgeouss.
    Hugs Nadine

  20. Loving all of the samples! I always have the best Mojo when I am trying out one of your sketches, honestly!
    Here it is

  21. WoW! Lovely cards DT!

    This is my first challenge! Fun sketch! I'll definately plan on playing again!

  22. I am sorry to hear you received nasty comments by some readers. It upsets me that they do not fully appreciate the time and expense you invest in your blog and all the work to keep things organised and easy to understand.

    Speaking for myself I want you to know that I appreciate your work and the sketches. I do not know how to download cards so I sit on the sidelines enjoying all the beautiful creations everyone else sends to you.

    Have a good week.

  23. Fab sketch really glad I found your site a few weeks ago I;m hooked.

  24. Loved the inspiration in this challenge! this sketch is AWESOME!

  25. LOVED LOVED LOVED the sketch this week I am Addicted to your challenges :)

  26. Well this is my second try and I'm hooked too. I am so thankful for this blog which has enabled me to find my mojo again.
    The DT examples are awesome, the sketch has been real fun, thank you.

  27. Such beautiful samples this week, as always. Thanks for your lovely sketches to inspire us every week Julee!

    Heather :)

  28. There are so many great designs from your sketch. This is my very first submission and I hope you like it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Thanks for the chance to win - love the sketch, as always. :)

  30. Great sketch! My daughter and I both enjoyed doing it! Thanks!

  31. I had lots of fun, thanks for the great sketch as always!

  32. Julee sorry for the number 51 that is me..... If you could remove I would appreciate it. Thanks

  33. Great sketch and GREAT samples girls!

  34. Great Sketch, thanks for letting me play along. ~Tamarra

  35. Got my much needed Mojo just in time to create a special 40th birthday card---she liked it too!

  36. Now THAT was a fun sketch, Julee!

  37. WOW! what beautiness!!!! You girls ROCK! and YAY! blog candy :)

  38. Hello .-)
    great sketch.
    I've posted my card as # 73

    hugs, Benedicte

  39. What a lovely sketch, I couldn't wait to create a card and enjoyed doing it. You all give me such inspiration.

  40. I just ran across this blog over the weekend and couldn't wait for Monday to roll around to try my hand at it. I did struggle a bit but finally got a card that I am pretty happy with.

    BTW, the DT cards are all fab!

  41. WOW! Love all these great cards--thanks for letting us play!

  42. I hope you don't get tired of posting sketches, I enjoy them a lot. Nice job DT!

  43. This is my first time playing along, what fun this is!! Lovely work from the DT!! Gorgeous!

  44. Love all the cards!
    Thanks for another great sketch

  45. So glad to be able to play along again! Lovely samples from the DT. Can't wait to see what everyone else has done!

  46. Wow, what a fun challenge! Love the sketch! Here is my link for the card on SCS:


  47. Great cards from the DT, well done girls!

    This is my first go at a 'Mojo Monday' so please be gentle with me!

  48. Julee, Thank you for taking your free time to make these wonderful sketches for so many of us that need help like yours. I have not done any of the sketches yet but I am going to start giving them a try. You do not know how much you have helped so many card makers like me.

  49. I just discovered your sketch blog and I think your sketches are GORGEOUS! I would be happy to just print them out and use them for a card!

    I am so sorry that people are so rude about not getting updates on the master file quickly enough. I can't even imagine how much time that takes!

    I am going to try and start playing along, hopefully i will have the time to make a card this week! Thanks for such an inspirational challenge blog! And awesome work from the DT!

  50. Great sketch--I had alot of fun with it! Beautiful work by the DT as always!

    Suzanne Dean

  51. WHAT?? WHO??? Let me At 'em.....I'll just go and all their ink pads and then i'll run over all thier punches w/ my VAN!!!

    I used that PDF file ALL the time.....i'm so sad.....I'm sad for you and even more sad for me.....(insert sad smiley here) is that an oxymoron....sad smiley??

    DANG....I was just going to look for a certain sketch from last summer......DANG DANG!!

    **sigh** I guess I'll deal with it..


  52. Hi,
    this is my first time at Mojo Monday. It's a great sketch and your Mojo Makers have produced some fab work.

  53. Another fun sketch, of course! Thanks for giving us something to inspire us every Monday!

  54. thanks for the awesome sketch julee and dt what gorgeus cards!!!!

  55. This was such a fun challenge to do! It's my 1st Mojo Monday challenge!
    I'm #108 on the list!
    For sure I'll join the club!
    Thanks for the fun!!


  56. Beautiful cards everyone! I have added mine to Mr. Linky!


  57. Thanks for the great sketch, Julee! The samples by the team are just gorgeous! I linked my card above.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  58. I love this one! And amazing samples from the DT!
    I, for one, am grateful that you share your sketches in a pdf! So no complaints here!! Thank you

  59. Great sketch, Julee! Love the amazing samples from your team...thanks for the chance to play! :)

  60. SO fun!! Thanks for this weeks challenge as it was an "out of box" experience for me, but I think I licked it pretty good... Enjoy!!

    Thanks for the fun!! Michelle.. :)

  61. Thanks for the inspiration! Mine's linked!

  62. Fun samples and sketch!! thanks for the idea!

  63. Thank you for the wonderful sketch, it was so much fun to play with! First time entering here on Mojo Monday or anywhere for that matter - had a great time and thanks for inspiring me to come out and play!!!

  64. Great sketch Julee! Thanks for the fun~ everyones cards are just awesome!

  65. Thanks so much for the sketch. It was great fun joining in.

  66. GOsh you have so many entries already and its only Wednesday!!! Loved this one! THanks JUles x

  67. Thanks mojo monday for another great sketch challenge

  68. I loved this sketch, it is one of my favorites so far. Thanks for the challenge. Can't wait for the next one.

  69. Fab challenge, thanks. The DT entries are beautiful. Hope you like my card. hugs Clare x

  70. Beautiful DT cards.Thanks for the skech.

  71. This is my first Mojo Monday challenge! This was a lot of fun! I can't wait to do it again next Monday! Thanks for making me think outside the box!

  72. Vfery lovely card from the DS this week

  73. It has been way too long since I have been able to play!! Thanks for the inspiration (as always)!!

  74. The sketch examples are beautiful! I loved doing this sketch and will definitely check back next Monday for the newest sketch!

  75. Fun sketch, as always! Your samples are outstanding, too!

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. I really loved doing this sketch and couldn't wait to get started on it. I've been mulling over a few ideas over the last couple of days and finally came up with one. Hope you like it. Thanks for doing such great sketches. I will definately continue to play along!

  78. Turned mine into a birthday card that I needed to make for a family member. I enjoyed the sketch just wish I could have gotten a better picture of it but I loaded it onto "Mr Linky" Thanks for the challenge and I love the DT cards!!!

  79. How fun! I love this sketch! I just posted mine!

  80. Julee, I really look forward to the Monday Mojo Sketches. I really struggled with this one because I had so many ideas and it was hard to choose. Soooo sorry about all the nasty comments, but want you to know that I appreciate your hard work and all your wonderful sketches.

  81. My first time playing in time to qualify for the prize! Great Sketch. So many elements to play with. I hope you like my interpretation. rebeccacell at gmail dot com

  82. Cute, cute, cute sketch!!! Great samples, ladies!

  83. Gorgeous cards from the DT and fabulous sketch. Will definatley use this one again.

  84. WOW! What fabulous samples! Julee, I must say, this is my fav sketch challenge. It really gets me thinking. Thanks so much for all the fun!

  85. Blimey I'm a bit shocked that you've had unkind remarks about downloading the sketches.

    I think it's brilliant that there are great challenge blogs out there like yours, that take a lot of time and effort to keep going.

    THANK YOU!!! (Jumping up and down and shouting)

    Oh, great sketch this week :)

  86. Great cards by the DT team and I just love the sketch. Thank you for looking.
    Hugs Linda

  87. Another wonderful sketch, Julee. I made two cards with this sketch, but only uploaded one.

    As for those who left nasty comments, let me at them!! My word, don't these people have anything else to do in life but complain and worry about what is happening to them! Very rude and inconsiderate! Okay, now that I've vented, maybe they have no clue how much work it is to download and set these up - glad you mentioned that in your post.

    Know that I TOTALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO on your blogs (not to mention Verve!!) and am thrilled we get a nice sketch sheet once a month to put in a binder. (((hugs)))

  88. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate! This was exactly the jumpstart I needed to get back to stamping!

  89. Your sketches are always awesome and I look forward to Mondays to see what you'll come up with next! I do appreciate the PDF files but understand the work involved. Thanks for the time you invest in this blog and the sketches (and the prizes!) Happy stamping!


  90. Thank you for not only posting your sketches, but also making a library for us!

  91. Great work, as usual, by the DT!!! I'm so glad I was able to play this week. I made my very first hybrid card too! Thanks for the fun!!!

  92. Love the sketch, Julee, thanks for the inspiration! The DT has done a great job with it, so many different takes on it - all beautiful! :)

  93. Love the sketch girls; such great inspiration!!

  94. Hi this is Teresa Brown Not Reresa
    So sorry must of hit wrong letter
    I love all your cards there just so gorgeous thanks for letting me play along.
    All the best Teresa
    Happy stamping

  95. Yay! I just participated in my first Mojo challenge! (I am always late to the party! lol!) Thanks for all your lovely sketches! Your Mojo Makers have provided wonderful inspiration. I had to shake my head that people have left you negative comments or unhappy emails because you are not keeping up as well as they'd like...amazing how expecting and ungrateful some are...for this FREE service of inspiration you are providing! The audacity of people will always amaze me. Keep up your great work! Thank you!

  96. wow!!!
    How many entries!!!
    Thank you Julee for the wonderful sketch once again hun. and well done to all the dt for providing such wonderful inspirational works of art.xx

  97. This sketch is beautiful AND got my MOJO back in motion! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  98. Thanks for the lovely sketch! Made a card for this blog for the first time now!!
    And the Dt:s work is absolutely gorgeous!!! ♥

  99. Well, this seems to be the most popular of the challenges! And, Julee, thanks for hosting. This one is fun!

  100. Awesome sketch this week and amazing cards by the DT :) Donna x

  101. Gorgeous samples and a wonderful sketch! I linked! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  102. Had so much fun with this sketch!

  103. Beautiful cards, love them all.
    Hugs Nadine

  104. This was a great sketch! At first the circular image at the bottom had me challenged, but then the perfect embellishment was found!!

    Thanks for the challenge!

    Kelly :-)

  105. Sorry to be such a bother - my son woke up at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning and wouldn't go back to sleep so my mind was functioning well below full speed!! Cat's happy as he moved up a notch in the pecking order yesterday - he usually tries to get me up around 6:00 to 6:30 a.m.

    Anyway, could I enter the other card I made using your sketch (love bug) instead of the first one I submitted...if it's a huge hassle, no worries, just go with my first one - I'll be fine with whichever you decide.

  106. Fun sketch! I pulled out my Verve set to use on this. Such beautiful cards everyone is making!

  107. Hi Julee,

    great sketch I had fun working with it - and they are great to get your inspiration going. The guest artist cards are great way to start the process. So thanks to them too.


  108. It took me until Friday to get the Mojo Monday sketch done, and I had to combine three challenges with my card! Fun sketch, thanks! I posted it to SCS and on my blog here: Thanks for the challenge! Great sketch!!!

  109. I ended up with so many layers on this one. Thanks for the sketch though and sharing all your lovely designs.

  110. Again a challenge and wonderful sketch.thanks

  111. Awesome sketch and DT cards! Lots and lots of entries, you're going to be busy judging!

  112. First time participating--thanks for the inspiration! Loved the sketch!

  113. This is my first time to try one of your sketches. I liked this one so much that I made two cards using the sketch as my inspiration.

  114. WOW..what a challenge this week! Good job DT!

  115. This is my second challenge and I'm having lots of fun with these. Gets those mojo juices flowing! LOL! Hope you like my card!

  116. Great sketch! I did two cards with it! :) Thanks!

  117. I really enjoyed this sketch. I would of liked to use scalloped circles and edges on my card like some of the dt but don't have anything to make them with so I've improvised.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. Holy cow! There are a ton of entries...I do not envy you Julee in trying to pick a winner! I hope I did your sketch justice! Thanks as always!

  119. I always love the MOJO sketch. Thanks for keeping us thinking and creating.

  120. All the samples are super gorgeous!! Thank you for the inspirations.

  121. Fabulous sketch this week! I had so much fun creating my card!

  122. I really had fun with this one. My card can be seen at mr. Linky's.

    Hugs, Wilma

  123. Thank you for a wonderful challenge!

    Siobhan xxx

  124. This is my first one for your site. I just love the sketches AND cards!! Amazing stuff!

  125. Great sketch I had lots of fun. Good luck everyone!

  126. I really enjoyed this sketch and the DT work is fab. My card is here

  127. Such a fabulous glad that I found you and could play along!!

  128. What a fabulous & fun sketch! Can;t wait to play again tomorrow!

  129. Love your sketches! I finally got a card done, and I´ve posted the link.

  130. Once again you ladies out did yourselves....these samples are beautiful! Awesome layout! I had alot of fun with this!

    Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  131. Holy macaroni Julee! Look at all of those entries- does that tell you something? WE LOVE YOU SKETCHES!!

  132. WOW! These cards are fabulous! Another great sketch, Julee. Where in the world would I be without my Mojo Monday??????

  133. Here's mine:

    Sorry for the late post. I thought I had posted it.

  134. I loved this sketch and had to give it a try. I just barely finished it in time. Thanks!!

  135. Awesome sketches! I have been meaning to play for a while now. I finally did and on a contest week too! YIPPEEE No 294

  136. Thank Goodness I got my design posted in time....Love the sketch this week - Of course I say that everyweek because of Love them all...You ladies ROCK !!!

  137. Such fun looking at all the great cards! Got mine in just in the nick of time! :)

  138. I know mine is too late for the contest...but i managed to make a card

  139. I liked this sketch and wanted to do a creation with it. I've held onto it for a couple of weeks but, finally got around to making something. Here's the link to my blog
    Thanks so much for the great sketches!