Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mojo Madness Winners (Week 72)

Mojo Mirror on the wall, who's the MOJO-EST of ALL?

Wow! This month's contest entries were OFF...THE...HOOK! I was blown away by the 300+ entries, and have spent much of the last week (and almost all of the last 24 hours - nothing like procrastination when making hard decisions, eh?), checking out your fabulous creations and making my final decisions. What a hard thing to judge so many gorgeous cards! I've done a whole lot of waffling back and forth, but I've finally narrowed it down to two winners.
A big mojo-licious congrats to...

Nikki with this gorgeous creation! It's pure, sweet confection with all sorts of sugar coating. I can't help but smile when I look at this card with it's beautiful colors, images and embellishments. Beautiful from top to bottom.

with this beautiful creation. I love all the fantastic layers on this card, and the cascading pansies are just breathtaking. There's the perfect amount of glow to the sentiment, and the ribbon and embellishments finish it off perfectly.

Congrats Nikki and Tricia! Email me with your choice of any Verve Stamps set/s (up to $24 value) and your shipping address and I'll get your prize in the mail!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
You all totally rock and it was such fun peeking into all your blogs/galleries! Here's a slide show of the entries, I put my top 20 faves (in no particular order) at the start of the show, then everyone else is in numerical order by their Mr. Linky number from the contest entry post.


  1. wow what a huge number of entrants!!!
    congratulations to Nikki and Tricia, fabulous

  2. congrats to nikki and tricia.. oh my goodness every single entry card was either sooo adorable or amazingly beautiful! julee i love the slide show showcasing everyones cards! what a nice way to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous cards :) thank you for doing that. :)

  3. Oh, WOW!!!! Thank you so, so, so, so, much. It is such an honor because there were so many gorgeous entries. I'm going to have a *horrible* time picking out my free stamps. There are *so* many that I want!!!

    Congrats to Nikki, too! Your card is scrumptuous!!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!! I am so excited that I almost knocked the table over from jumping up and down:) I have only every won one thing in my whole life and it was at a charity event so I gave the money back. Thanks again Julee! I am so honored. I also have tons of sets that I want. I think all the entries are amazing as well. I agree with Shelly on the slideshow. I love looking at it. BTW...did I say THANK YOU!? I really, really mean it. I'll be happy ALL DAY!

  5. WOW, what great cards!!! I don't envy your job choosing Julee!!!

  6. Congratulations to Nikki and Tricia,they are both gorgeous cards!!!Love the slideshow,all the cards were beautiful!!

  7. Wow, there were so many fabulous entries! Congrats to Nikki and Tricia-beautiful cards!

  8. AWESOME! Congrats Nikki & Tricia!!!

  9. What a lot of work you must have gone to Julee Thanks for showing them all!